L Word Generation Q Blows/Fat-Free Queer Universe/Image Ideal

The L Word Generation Q

Is portraying

Yet another queer universe

That is somehow

Fully free from fatness.

Like Queer as Folk, or

Countless other cisnormative,

Heteronormative shows —

The L Word Generation Q

Is without a single person of size

On cast.

Is this

Representation for queer folk?

To me, it is

Incomplete, biased

At best.

Why is it so terribly important

To queer people

To not be seen as “undesirable”

To not be seen as depressed,

To not be seen as

A social reject—

Why is it so important

To the writers of this stupid fucking show

That every single queer person

Fits a certain image ideal?

Why do our shows

Have to be fat-free…?

Isn’t it enough

To count calories ?

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