The internet readily acknowledges

The presence of transphobic feminists

But no one dares notice, or acknowledge

Fatphobic people on any side, for any reason.

All parties accept and perpetuate fatphobia–

All parties reject and mock body positivity.

I don’t really believe in the body positivity movement, as

I’ve written about countless times before–

I believe in the body negativity movement, I believe

In the war on fat

I believe in the war on obesity

I believe in the increasing ableism infecting

Most everyone through the comfort of their

Home scrolling screens.

I don’t really believe in the existence of

Body positive feminists. I think

That, again, is just something

Someone wrote on a dove wrapper to help sell

More chocolates. I believe

In the competition between

Who loves dark chocolate the most.

I believe in the peacocking

Of who eats the least carbs.

I believe in the social isolation

Of anyone deemed less-than.

I know, first-hand

That being fat makes you a

Last-class citizen.

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