Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter vs music who will win



Made this song out of sound clips of my girlfriend/partner and I laughing our asses off. Clips taken from random different shit, but most of it is from us watching Ru Paul. Yep, I recorded our hangout. I’m a weird theyfriend. I’m working on getting the laugh files to have less room noise (HAHAHAH IMPOSSIBLE) but bear with me. Should be a better version coming soon…? Maybe

Is there such thing as a better song? I crack up every time I listen to this. Fuck standup, listen to laugh track.

Does it need a bass line?

How did I get to this point? DOES IT NEED A BASS LINE? What is happening to me…

Am I developing… taste?




I have been blessed with enough serotonin to fix the last version. It is much less aggressive now.

I was hoping that loud, overblown overwhelming laugher would come across as a burst of pure joy. Instead it just scares the cats.

My apologies if any cats were scared by the first version… There are two angry ones here with a lot of criticism.

5 Replies to “Laughter is the Best Medicine”

  1. The Whippoorwills

    My kittehs was not scare. Very very interested, but not scare.
    Does it need a baseline? Wuh…? Who are you and what have you done with Becky?
    You and yours really know how to laff. <3

    • Becky WTGH

      Laughing is a huge priority, has served us well. It’s strength has been tested often.

      Willow, aka “the noise police” HATED IT. Was entirely too baked when I published it, couldn’t differentiate the “feed me” screams from the “your song sucks” screams. This morning, she clarified.

      Becky died. Thoughts and feelings teamed up, exploded me from the inside out. I smell like burnt toast and weed, but I think I’ve been reincarnated as the scarecrow from the inevitable post-apocalyptic/futuristic Netflix remake of the wizard of oz. My lines aren’t witty, funny OR insightful, and my dance number is CGI. Have mercy on me, sinner.

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