Least Favorite Time Of Year/Stonewall Riot

Honestly like

When I started doing this I was like

“Hell yeah June—

The month I get the most traffic—

The month I’m most likely

To get some more followers and

Spread the good word about

How gender and sex are different terms”

Now I’m like


Every fucking year folks

The same damn misinformation

How can two people simultaneously throw a first brick? Oh right— I know how. Say that Sylvia threw the first “bottle” instead

Folks like

Black Lives Matter

And white guilt is fucking real, man.

It’s real!

Why is it that

White guilt mixed with

Neo-liberal clickbait mixed with

Brainwashed masses and superficial nonsense

Results in

Two people who showed up after the riot broke out

Being awarded all the credit

For the stonewall riot?

Does it make you feel better

To rewrite historical events

To suit modern trends?

It’s just ridiculous

This is why nobody takes us seriously

We don’t even know our own goddamn history.

Who really threw the first brick?

Not only do we not know—

We also don’t even know if it was a brick.

Seems more likely it was a beer bottle, rock, or a stick.

All of the people pictured are

Important activist figures in NYC at the time, but there were

Many stonewalls, so to speak

All over the country, that erupted after

The news from this riot broke in the papers

A wave of civil activism that swept across

The whole nation. To credit

Two trans women of color

For all of it

Because it fits your clickbait narrative better

Fucking freaks me out, and I think

It should bother more than just me, but

Anyway, who cares.

Happy pride, go get sunburned —

And believe whatever you want to believe.

I’m sick of trying to reason with the “we”

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