Libertarians/Freedom To Bully All Sides, All Sizes

I have never quite been able to figure out

What it is exactly

That libertarians stand for.

I know what they think they stand for

But to stand for liberty

To stand for less

In the land of slavery and capitalism and

More more more

Is more than a bit


I used to identify as a libertarian until

I realized that the majority of people there

Were largely United by their hatred

Of fat people—

Not their love of freedom—

Their love of freedom to say

Whatever the fuck they want to say

About anyone—

They don’t want to drag race into it

Or sex, or gender, or guns, or what have you—

They want freedom

The freedom to be a fucking asshole

It doesn’t matter what you believe in

With those people

Because they believe in the opposite

Of whatever you suggest. No exceptions

An ideology hell bent on contrarianism

Fueled by contempt for all others and

Offended by the notion

Of respecting boundaries,

Boundaries here meaning

A impingement on an individuals freedom—which

In essence

Is what a law, is.

There are great and terrible ones but

To pick fights with laws at all

Is to pick fights with fucking everything

Kinda reminds me of the

Non-binary, antigender extremist

I used to feel like I was—

I digress

I used to identify as someone

Who wanted more and more freedom

Until I realized

What those sorts of people

Try and do with it.

Perhaps some things are innovative, and

Others are selfish. I wonder how time

Will appreciate those who pride themselves

On investing less and less, as opposed to those

Who share the wealth.

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