Life makes ZERO sense

I’ll poem-ponder about it instead

It’s all very primal

Except for when it isn’t.

It’s all based on instinct

Except for the stuff that isn’t.

It’s all about love and communication

Except for when it isn’t, AT ALL.

It’s about what you want

Except for all the stuff you don’t want that you ended up loving.

But only that one time

Ahh, maybe it’s a now and forever thing.

Never mind, I hate that.

Am I a cat?

No, I’m not independent enough.

I love shit that I thought I hated

I hate shit that I thought I loved

None of it was my decision

I thought maybe love would be more like an engine

And touch was gas, injecting passion in each direction

But now, I feel it’s eternal grace.

The warmth of love’s blaze,

turned to sunshine on my face.

And it has given me comfort, direction

And loads of indecision.

If I knew who I was, then maybe I’d be able to make a gander

At what I like, what feels good, and which way I like to gamble.

I haven’t the slightest clue, who I am

But I can’t wait to ask about you.

I’m a lost-loner-loser

Feeling empty, confused and chosen

For a life lived alone, and uncertain.

I am steadfast in my love, and my choices

My thumb is green, everything will come up roses.

But Jesus Christ I could sure use a Moses

To part the sea of thoughts that composes

A requiem of insanity pouring through my veins

My thoughts gone from left to right,

All I’ve known for sure is that I’ve got to try

To understand everything

Forever. All of it.

I’ve got to try.

I will crack this code.

I’ll probably die,

But people die skydiving

What a pointless way to go

At least I’ll die overthinking

Isn’t that somewhat more honorable than fucking skydiving

Jesus H.C. Y’all.

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