Like They Do

I’m already worried about the inevitable low that comes from this bizarre

High and I am documenting it now so that when it happens I’ll know

It wasn’t so out of the blue.

I’m concerned for my upcoming mental stability considering

Everything has collapsed all at once so furiously

I don’t really know what to do.

Writing has always been the thing that makes me feel like I am in good company

Even with critics and bullshit and boo-hoo

I wanted her to be someone she doesn’t believe she is but

I see her as who she really is and

She sees herself like they do.

Yellow and red and green and blue

Perfect autumn compliments to my green brown scheme but

I’ve grown achy, red and inflamed

Beard patchy like a port wine stain

She has lost the light and I am consumed by my own flame

She says I’ve grown too much but the truth is I am simply

Overweight. Payload capacity overloaded I am

Too much for two to carry I need

A quad poly couple or a superduty

Shit I can’t afford financially or emotionally

I am a hermit by nature I wish I could be paid

To keep myself company, tbe most taxing duty.

How could I be growing too much if I trained my branches to hold her

Perhaps I am a prison when I meant to be an artwork

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