Little Tabby Cat LSD

I took a tab

We’ll wait and see

What little Lucy

Has in store for me

I wanted to die

So instead I found $10

And got up high

Looking for a sky of diamonds

I should probably

Save the money,

Spend more wisely

I can’t think of anything wiser

Than spending $10

On finding me.

I wonder if this little tab

Will tell me

I fucking doubt it

I’m nauseous and my eyes don’t work

I’m probably just fucked up

Like I fucked up my life

Oh gosh oh gee

Oh golly

Hey world, come piss on me

I took LSD and quite frankly

I’m feeling free.

Free enough, to not give a fuck

What anyone thinks

Because I can see it all

Clearly, now don’t you fear

Mamas gonna buy you a

Ten foot spear

We’re gonna fight off these demons together,

You wait and see!

Just me and my whole imaginary

Family. A Cheshire Cat, some velveeta

And a God complex big enough

To house the universe, the sun and the

Holy Sprite. Break me off a piece of that

Knick knack paddy whack

Good girls with mortgages don’t

Have a need for speed. Lmfao

Can you imagine

If I took speed?

Can you get a speeding ticket

In your head

I fucking wish!!!!

There ya go y’all

I found the cure

For anxiety

Take speed, get pulled over

Pay the price, go to jail

Wham bam, anxiety over

The rent is free and

everyone there wants to

pee on me

Legit the only reason

I brought it up

Is because I’m freezing

And a warm shower sounds so good right now

I know I know

It’s gross and it’s pee

I like, am able to separate the two right now

For the sake of warmth

Also so shoot me

I’m a pervert

You already knew.

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