Live-Action My 600lb Life/Nikocado Avocado’s Career Choices Make Life Harder For Fat People Who Don’t Mukbang

I’ve never considered starting a mukbang channel.

Not because I don’t like what it stands for—

Food, togetherness, nice conversation

That’s usually the mukbang trifecta—

Make people feel less lonely while they’re eating.

I’ve never considered starting a mukbang channel

Largely due to what Nikonobraino-ex-vegan Avocado is doing to himself—

Inviting the trolls in

Giving them the keys

And letting them run the place.

The bitch literally hates fat people

And himself, so much — he still hasn’t

Fully realized he is one, yet.

Closest I’ll get to pissing people off

As much as he does, is saying


Lmfao trans people amirite

This avocado dipshit

He is like— “I’m gonna gain weight

Grab as many followers as I can—

And then—

When I lose it—

I’ve got the audience already locked in

I’ll have an even bigger channel

Being live-action meme 600lb life“

Who needs fat shaming shows—

When you can choose to make your own?

That’s what this motherfucker has done

He made himself into a my 600lb life mukbang

Why haven’t I ever considered

Doing such a thing? Because

Whether or not he chose to do it on purpose

(I believe yes, he did)

This is how people see fat people anyway

No one’s perspective is changing—

Only cementing.

Why haven’t I started a mukbang channel?

The real truth is—

Chewing noises are fucking disgusting

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