Loads Of People Cum From Penetration Alone

Ya’ll like


I guess I don’t fully understand what

Alone would mean to some–

I would assume there is cuddling and fondling ect. without

Needing to explain…?

I had thoughts on this stuff a while ago but like

The more I live and learn the more I wonder

Why people are soooo insistent

That ‘women’/people?

Can’t cum from penetration alone.

Ya’ll like I DON’T KNOW

How do I explain things without

Going into gory detail but

Literally everyone I have sex with

Comes from penetration, we don’t do

Only that

Like some sort of maniac– but

If fingers get it done

Then why the fuck

Is penetration

Only considered penetration

When it’s with a dick…?

If I had a 4″ dick it would be more than enough

To make my girlfriend squirt on the daily–

She cums pretty fucking hard

With less than that on the regular–

Ya’ll are frankly so weird and insane

Size doesn’t matter, it’s how you use it–

“People can’t come from penetration alone”–

Equally ludicrous.

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