are you looking for something?

are you looking for someone?

looking for me, maybe?

searching for a way to feel less lonely

we are all looking for it

I am searching all the time

I will never stop searching

I search when I am alone

I search in a crowd

the loneliness doesn’t care

how many people are around

she lives inside me

she eats my fears

she’s fat as fuck

and she stinks like piss

my loneliness never leaves

she sits there, eating too much salt

rubbing sugar on her teeth

making it too awkward for me to leave

staying in the house is always free

the others would just laugh, shuffle

avoid and whisper, surely

I know everyone is afraid of me

My loneliness tells me, you see

she whispers sweet nothings, charming anxieties

Lonely, yes, but not with me

loneliness lives and breeds within me

keeping me company, loving me best.

I should just stay home and sleep, she says

instead of risking having company

reject me, disown me

I’ve been down that road before, and

I’d rather be lonely



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