Low-Hanging Fruit

Lately I’ve been staring

At the low- hanging fruit.

I’ve been wondering

Who I think I am, and

What kind of idiot I must be

To think I am something special, or


Lately I’ve found an even more

Humble kind of humility, the one

That doesn’t like being felt, let alone seen.

My fruits, so low, half-rot into the earth

I am nothing, and that is exactly

What I am worth.

How pure and clean and

Desirable I must be, in order for

My nothingness to exist.

The most hard-sought trait

Of enlightenment, it took me

Until now to realize

The value of nothing, now

I wonder how it would even be possible

To disappear, in a world where

Your footprints are digital, emotional

Physical and

More meaningless than ever.

The nothingness has become

So omnipresent, we are all

Constantly reminded of the value of things

Like time, status, and money.

The nothingness of it all.

We are all content creators, and

Nothing is going on–

Nothing good, at least

Not much good goes on,

Usually just suffering, frustration

Pains in my ankles, which is why

Nothing, comparatively

Is a state I’ve come to love.

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