Mad About It/A Work In Progress/ppl cummin here bein like

ppl cummin here bein like

“whatru mad about”

“are you a TRA”

“are you a TERF”

“are you gay are you”

“nonbinary are you”

“A les are you what are you and”


Folks I don’t know how else to put it–

I’m mad about all of ^^.

I obsess, I enthuse, I’m passionate

I’m also a fat, transgender, depressed anxious idiot

And goddamn

If that isn’t something to be mad about

I don’t know what is, also

I walk through the world and see

more hypocrites than I do allies and

I’m sick of the nonstop bullshit

I’m mad that people think they can say

I’m “not this”

As a substitute for being the difference

Who am I?

What am I?

Which side am I on?



I am mad about this.

I am, and forever will be

A work in progress, much like

Everyone else is.

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