Mad About It Ect.

I’ve never met a gay guy–

Out, at least–

Who didn’t feel comfortable

Confronting me about my weight

And educating me about my

Proper place, my worth, and

How disgusting I am to him.

I’ve never met a gay guy

Who wanted to have sex with a

Pre-op trans man.

I’ve never met a gay man

Who didn’t make his problems

Mine, and I can’t believe

I’m afraid to say this online–

I’ve never met a gay man

Who I wanted to be a friend of mine,

I’ve never met a gay man

Who didn’t waste my time

Or disrespect me to my face, and

I don’t want to try anymore —

I’m straight! I’m just trying to

“Coexist” in this queer space

That is supposedly for

“both of us”

Despite the overwhelming evidence

That only one of us is welcome

In our own community. Only one of us

Is willing to have enough anxiety

To prove their worth

To all the other hungry dick daddies

I’m sick of pretending

That I’ve met happy gay people

When all I’ve ever been is

Mad About It, ect.

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