Mad About It: Music Series

Hey everybody!

In addition to random topics, we’re going to have a music series section in the show now. That’s right, we’re doing it. I’ve been talking about it for months now, but I mean it this time. I got the upgrades I needed, and now we’re going overdrive with all of this shit.

What’s the plan then? Music Series, wth?

I listen to it, I talk about it, then you go enjoy it. Thats the general format of the series.

Sometimes maybe I’ll cover a song! Who even knows. I’m working on like, three different covers right now. Not all of them are very queer, I do a lot of different styles. Becky daylights as a brass instrumentalist, dabbles in guitar(s) and loves herself some synthesizer. I wing it.

I might do a slam poetry thing here or there, you might get offended. I look forward to hearing from you about it.

Nothing is off-limits, preference is given to queer-identifying artists. Becky loves herself some music.



Oy, that’s right. Spotify is the greatest. Also I will post it in the episode description, once I’m doing polishing this baby up.



OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS: The She-Ra episode is shaping up quite nicely. I’m obsessed, I’ve already watched it four times. It’s really bad, ya’ll.

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