What is a gay magazine?

What is a straight magazine?

What is any publication, really?

Opinions, perspectives, revelations,

Tips, tricks and advertisements

Workouts, diets and tribulations

Thought pieces are rare but if you

Search you can find them.

I subscribe digitally

To a lot of magazines

I don’t really read.

I’m kinda trying to start my own

Kind of

Media company,


So I like to keep tabs on

What other people are saying

You know

Just in case it’s

Worth reading.

I prefer poets and artists on

WordPress much more,

The stuff I’ve been reading elsewhere is all a

Tremendous bore.

They share the same three articles

Over and under again

Making the same points

Under their murmured murky matted up

Articles about nothing

Problems with being femme?

Who has problems with that

Where are the articles about

Butches being spat at?

Overlooked? Shat on?

Femmes are doing fine, y’all.

Gay guys apparently

Only ever vacation

In Mali and Cancun and

Anywhere the sex is cheap,


Oh, is that offensive?

I agree!

Who the fuck are these magazines

Writing for?

Not me

Not anybody

I think they’re writing

To the fantasies in our heads

Kind of like a Barbie doll

For adults !

Plan your dream vacation

Your dream body

Your dream husband

All because of something you read

Some magazine that really

Popped off the reel

I would try to get

Published but

Nobody writes back.

Oh well,

I’ll stick to weird poems

And talking about sex.

Nobody bothers me here,

It’s nice!

At least, nobody yet.

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