Male Chastity

I am not sexually attracted to men.

I’ve been tested, many times.

Tested, but not tempted.

The only thing that makes me wonder

Are the things I’ve seen

of Male Chastity.

This stuff–seems interesting.

I would love to reciprocate

The years of pointed sentiment

I’ve received, at the hands of men

Return the favor, so to speak

Beat their asses red–



Red just means it’s warming up

Not even close to being

Beat enough for cock !

Men have thick skin, right?

I wouldn’t know, I throw up a bit

When I touch them. Even just a little

Bit of skin. I like their smell, but only

with a tinge of envy instilled.

I want to smell like the thing

That women want to fulfill.

Honestly, taking men’s wives

Is one hell of a thrill

Stealing a girlfriend

Making her cum

A thousand times over

A thousand times harder

Than your pathetic little dick ever could

Yes, I admit

I am a bit aroused by the idea of

Male chastity

I have been participating in this

My whole life

Avoiding men,

Worshipping women

And making sure they know

How worthless

Their little dicks

Really are.



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