“Man” as Gender Neutral

I was complaining to my partner

That I really wish

I could just call her “man”

Without it being too casual —

Like dude

Or being too formal —

Like “you’re a human male man”


I wish man

Was a gender neutral term

I wish woman

Didn’t exist, not because

I’m trying to erase womanhood—

But because I wish we could

Erase the distinction

Between man

And Wo-man

What does the wo mean?

It’s the other category

There is adam

There is eve

There is man

There is womanly

What do

Any of these nonsense things even mean

Just fucking let


Be the norm

Let man be gender neutral

Stop making women other

And stop telling me that there are

Sisters and brothers when clealry

We are all siblings of the same family.

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