Man Sounds

My voice is really low now.

It’s way past the point of being

A cold. I don’t fully understand

The people who don’t notice, but

New people, like,

Random people on the phone

Always think I’m a man, vs before

I sounded like a lady

Talking as low as she possibly could–


I sound like an actual man with balls maybe

To some

I’ve heard many men with higher voices

But anyway, lately it’s been about

100% cis passing on the phone

When I tell people my birth name they get

Surprised and talk funny

Also the thai place I used to order from

Doesn’t get the order wrong any more

What the fuck man

Also my girlfriend says

Everything I say


Is patronizing now

i think I need to

Totally reroute

The way I talk, and the way I

Structure these new

Man sounds.


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