Mannerisms, Body Language, Instincts, Urges and Reflexes— Gender Is How You Act

Oh my…!

The many parts of gender that

HRT and surgery have

Absolutely no impact on

Even fucking writing style is gendered

I once typed with a trans woman who

Said I had a big personality with my words—

Shit still makes me dysphoric if I think about it—

For me, personally

How people treat me, their body language,

Their tone, the subject matter, the

Whole vibe of the conversation

Is gender.

That is what I transitioned for.

I had an “bullish attitude problem”

For years and now I’m a

Weak, soft bastard.

Gender and social constructs are

Absolutely very real and

That is why I transitioned.

Not anything to do with my body

Or my appearance.

The only thing that’s helped me

With dysphoria

Is talking to new people

Who use completely different clues

Some might call them “clueless”

About my past—

For me, it’s just

Appreciation for the new man

I finally get to be at last.

Gender is more about

How you act

Than it is how you look,

And everybody on the internet

Fucking hates that fact.

Did top surgery help?

Oh hell yeah, absolutely

But more than anything

Changing my name, and

Changing my social circle

Was pure magic.

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