Maybe She Competes With Love Itself

I think perhaps my idea of love

Is bigger than any single individual

So maybe she competes

With love itself?

Nobody can,

Love is bigger than all of us

Put together, bigger than even

The dead ones, all piled up

Generations of haters rotting into

Love-mulch, nobody chooses love

Nobody is in love, nobody is anything–

Love is gravity

Love is force

Love is energy itself

Love is the reason any of us agreed

To do any of this

Love is religion

Love is community

Love is food

Love is the whole galaxy

Love is more than something

We do with our bodies

Love is more than what we

Say on a card, more than what we

Give to each other

Love is currency

Don’t keep a debtor’s list, and you’ll see

That the fish regenerates

And the bread is endless

2019 Jesu is genderqueer and

They believe in love

Being enough, even if

She doesn’t always remember that.

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