Medicaid Made Me A Happy Tax Payer For Life/People Who Don’t Know

I’ll never complain about taxes

Not even ones that are outrageous

I just

Wouldn’t be here

Without y’all paying

Too much for so little

My experience on Medicaid

Motivated me to both

1. Leave the service ASAP

2. Be a grateful a tax payer forever

I recommend it to anyone

Waiting in line

Hoping to get benefits

That cover what you need

To stay alive

Is both humbling and necessary

I just wish

More people I knew

Had my experience

So that now—

As someone who makes enough money to

Live and save and

Not have leech off of people off of the internet

For coffee and donations

Everything is better now,

Than it was then. I won’t complain

About paying taxes

Ever again.

People who don’t know

Don’t know

And that’s just how it is.

So many people I know

Are so lazy and so privileged

They don’t even file their own fucking taxes.

That same kind of person

Is always the first to say

They “pay too much

For other people’s burdens”

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