Melancholy Matthew

Why are men and women

So different?

To me, I’ve been

Both now and I feel

Exactly the same, no matter

Which hormones flow through my veins

I am the same insufferable insane

Complaining angry wretched thing

But somehow my rage

Is much more acceptable

Much more understandable

Much more respected than my

Female rage ever was. My anger as a

Woman was brushed off as a

Hormonally charged blast of

Bullshit and emotions, but now

Suddenly, my bass voice is

Commanding and my rage is

Legitimate. Nobody would expect me to

Feel any different! Perhaps,

Now their fears are legitimate

And my strength considerate

To upset me would be to poke a

Bear, and to watch me suffer

Feels somehow more tragic,

My masculinity shines validation

On the same woes and the

Same rejections of

The crying moaning

Mrytle in the bathroom–

The world is much more

Sympathetic to

Melancholy Matthew

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