“Men Are So Gay”

I tried telling a friend

“Men are so gay

Everything y’all do is so gay

All of it— gay”

And he was like

“You know— I’m gay now—

What are they doing to you

That is gay? What part of this

“Gayness” is about

Two men having sex—“

But how can I explain I mean

As a woman—

If you say things like

“Women are better than men

At everything, it’s not my opinion—

It’s a fact”

The way

Soooooo many men say

As a default

You are in fact


To be accused of being

A lesbian, a feminist, a man hater

You certainly won’t be

The default thinker in the room and

The majority of people

Who feel the same way as you

Are in fact

Radical ish lesbians

So again,

Why is it gay?

I guess

From a born woman’s perspective

It’s gay because of context, and mostly just

By comparison.

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