Men Yell At Each Other All The Time

Men yell at each other all the time

Honestly I had like

No idea

This was what manhood would be like, but


It’s exactly like being a lady

Except for when you get

In a disagreement with someone

Who is a man—

This person

Is well within their manrights lmfao

To escalate things to violence

Or, at the very least

A verbal argument

Some call it “discussion” lmfao—

If he would like.

Manhood, to me

So far

Seems to be

Aggression, anger, violence—dominance

The ability to act

Protective and prohibitive

Persuasive, powerful and


The right to hunt, the right

To bear arms.

The right to puff out your chest.

I can definitely understand

Why some people might hate this

But imagine

Having the instincts

Of an angry young cock

But born a hen—

Being forced to lay eggs

Pretending it doesn’t bother you

To hear somebody else get to crow

And wake everybody up.

I might be startled, but

I’m definitely not mad

That I woke up.

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