Men’s Health

I —

I can’t recommend

Watching and participating in

Weight lifting culture

As a trans man, enough.

You don’t even have to do anything—

Just be a fly on the wall and

Observe the zoo, happening.

It’s magic, I mean

Here are all these cis men

Stabbing themselves with needles filled with

Testosterone cypionate

Trying to figure out why

Their dose doesn’t fix everything

They struggle with, wondering how

To cycle, how to lift, how to

Pass through the world

As someone transformed —

I don’t recommend

Following their footsteps, however

It’s magical, and a bit therapeutic

To listen to the guys

Who did all the stuff you think might help

And yet still struggle with it.

Thank god these issues

Aren’t just for trans men— thank god

I’m not alone in all this.

Also, whoa there buddy—

Are you sure all this

“Men’s health” is actually healthy…?

Time for some new goals, maybe.

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