Mercury In Cancer

It me tho. From My natal chart

Mercury in Cancer

Your emotionality is reflected in the way you communicate. You try to express yourself without hurting people or being misunderstood, you prefer to remain silent when you think you can’t do it. The fact that Mercury is in Cancer emphasizes that your memory is too strong. You can remember the details that everyone forgets. This helps you keep your experiences alive at all times and take cautious steps. On the other hand, it underlines that you can be a very good writer. Generally, you can impress people with your sincere sentences. You do this sincerely, and when you’re angry, you prefer to remain silent. This can cause you to accumulate things and explode. Your empathy is overwhelming. In this way, you can understand the people you are dealing with and manage your relationships in a healthier way.

Not so sure about the last part but

I am definitely a lover fighter combo

I also fucking hate it when people

Don’t pay attention

To the breadcrumbs.

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