Methodist Method

I’m sorry but

If the Methodists don’t want LGBTQAI’s in their church

They don’t have to let them in

The whole point of religion

Is having a set agreement

A code of conduct

Something to point to when shit hits

The fan.

I’m not a cheerleader for church,

I struggle to have faith in myself

I think that if I’m going to put all my trust in something insane, something immaterial

I should probably put it in myself

Cuz I’m insane, but also material

I’m all I’ve got

God doesn’t listen to me,

She’s a self-absorbed idiot.

Seriously though, I was raised Methodist. This does not come as a surprise to me in the slightest. I am very genuinely confused by the confusion. To me, it’s better to be honest than to harbor insincere support.

Tolerance is not acceptance.

Pity is not empathy.

Allowing people into your congregation that you don’t see as equal in the eyes of god should be considered bad.

Should be.

2 Replies to “Methodist Method”

  1. Whippoorwills

    I liked it better when god hated me, I knew where I stood with that. There’s integrity and honesty in hate. God was a worthy enemy when he hated me.
    All this phony baloney fake inclusion has just turned god into a sleazy, lying, two faced sneak. Lurking in fake acceptance like a child molester lurking in the bushes outside a kindergarten.
    Where’s the integrity in that?
    Well that’s how I feel anyway.

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