Mind Reader

When I was little, I used to be so afraid

of technology advancing at such a rapid pace

that we might get the ability to read each other’s thoughts.


I laughed, I cried, then–I slept easy.

My adult friends, “parents” they self-labeled,

laughed when I brought it up; they never worried about this fable.


Now, when I sit at dinner,

heads are down, thumbs unstable.

We sit wordlessly, and pick food off the table

while we tweet, yelp, update and post

all the thoughts we feared the most

things people think that shouldn’t be said

all the bullshit

all the lies

all the fiction in our heads

projected on a little box

belting our feelings, screaming our thoughts.


My greatest childhood fear has become a cultural expectation.


We are all mind readers now–

Nothing is private, nothing is sacred.

We can read each other’s thoughts,

know each other, through-and-through.


Is this progress, knowing what you think?

Knowing what he does, hearing how he feels.

Seeing how she copes, feeling what she fears the most.

To me, it’s everything plus the kitchen sink.

All of us, casseroles. Thought-bubbles–burbling.

bubbling messages without ink.


Likes, shares, follows,

snaps, tweets; shallow snyposes of what we think.

An impression of an idea that you once had, reduced to a link.


TL;DR, put it on my list.

bookmark it, save it, screenshot it–

Keep reading minds, mind reader; I’ll TTYL


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