Moral Obligation

The more I learn about

My own sexuality and gender expression

And how much I love my girlfriend

The more I wonder

About the various couples I’ve met

Of various orientations

Who get married after dating for a few weeks

And how clueless they must be

It is extremely easy

To stay faithful to someone

When you don’t experience sexual attraction

It’s also very easy

To see all relationships as compromise

If you’re aromantic

If you are laboring for love

In the name of the lord

I’m sorry to say that

I have a moral obligation to that.

Not to mention that there is no such thing

As a moral obligation for love — !

Love is like a July thunderstorm

You shouldn’t need a contract to keep it

The Memories will hold their volume

I suppose I am afraid of such blind steadfast commitment

Because I see how short-sighted it really is

I have a moral obligation

To shake-up couples who stay together

Over moral obligation

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