More Commonalities With The Unabomber

I too

Have been gaslit

So severely

So thoroughly

That I felt as if

I needed to scream my beliefs

To the furthest corners of the universe.

I too

Have a message

For the world, that they

Won’t be receptive of.

I too

Am a bit too comfortable

Walking to the beat of my own drum, singing

My own tune.

I too

Would rather live alone in the woods

With my thoughts

With my ambitions

With my plants and inventions.

I too would rather be

An ideology

Rather than a man, with a name

Or a face— I too

Can’t trust anyone

To understand my methods

Or my intentions

I don’t want

To make friends with anyone

I too have been betrayed

By everyone and everything—

I too

Want to speak

My truth—

Even if it kills you

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