More Headless Fat Bodies

I suppose the headlessness of the fat bodies

Have to be because of the

Supposed shame and self-hatred

Anyone with a fat body

Is supposed to feel?

Or perhaps is it that

When things like

Being photographed naked in a gym locker room

Against my will– perhaps

Those photos

Stolen, menaced

Photos like that

Should be headless

To help protect the identity

Of the victim– but

For this

I was a bit speechless

I just don’t understand

Why it is

That they felt the need

To chop the heads off of

All of the bodies

In order to make them

More… palatable…?

They fucking drew them.

Perhaps they just wanted clicks baited

Or perhaps

They didn’t even notice, this way

Leaving off the head

Gives them more room

To draw fat in weird places.

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