Murray Hill: Continued

It’s gotta be just because it’s like

The first drag king I’ve seen on mainstream tv.

Hillary Swank doesn’t count don’t even try—


And trans

Are not the same. They have

Crossover but tbh the verbiage

The tags, the SEO boost that comes with

Non-binary identities

I think it’s a convenience of the times.

They’ve told us we’ve been represented but

It’s all the same kind of body.

Finally I see

Me on screen and I

Run and hide because I’ve been

In the comfort of my own bubble,

Where my identity grows and thrives.

Representation— albeit necessary

Is a double edged sword, you don’t feel

Heard when you’re seen, and you don’t

Get the final word. You’re just naked

Hearing everyone’s reception and

Try not to take it personally.

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