My Advice To My Younger Self/MAI/Covid

My advice to my younger self

Would be to embrace

All your strengths, all your weaknesses

Embrace everything new that you notice

Throw away everything that gives you pain

Understand that all things are possible

If you believe in yourself.

No one needs to believe

Anything about you

In order for you to exist.

You exist, and that’s a fact —

The fun part is what you plan to do with all that.

People may never see you

They may never respect you

You might spend your whole life

Smashing your tiny hand against a window

Screaming for help, only to realize

You’re scraping your skin off

On a brick wall— but

It doesn’t matter

Everyone else is doing

The exact same shit

So try not to be so

Mad About It.

Take a deep breath, look around


And be grateful you don’t have to spend time

With people who don’t respect you

All of the time. Try to focus on

Who you are when people aren’t

Actively bullying you.

It’s hard to believe it, but eventually

People are going to leave you alone —

This amazing thing called

Covid happens

In 2020

And trust me bro—

You’re gonna fucking love it.

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