My CPAP’s Gender Identity

Ever get misgendered by your

Cpap machine?

I wrote something about this forever ago but

I have an update…!

My “cpap for her” machine finally

Kicked the bucket—

Now I can get

The other gender’s model

Which is

Exactly the goddamn fucking same shit

Just a different color design and

A completely unnecessary print

Including the gender

Of the cpap user

I’m not sure where this poem is going but

I can’t be the only one wondering

Why the fuck

My cpap has a gender

4 Replies to “My CPAP’s Gender Identity”

    • Mad About It

      They don’t make all the models with gender just the one I got (resmed airsense 10). They are the exact same machines with different color schemes and text. Mine has flowers and everything. I’m not complaining as much as I am amazed at the marketing team.

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