My Dad Has Never Experienced Lasting Discrimination

This bothers me.

He thinks I’m weak and spoiled I think he’s

Bloated and full of hot air

We fight like neither of us care if the other

Lives or dies and I’m starting not to,

I just hate the guy sometimes.

Fucking asshole laid low and coasted

His whole life and holds everything he did

Against us because “he didn’t like it”

Who’s problem is that again?

Not mine. But sure, go ahead

All of mens problems are women’s responsibility to fix, and Vice versa — just like

The Incels and the TERFs talk about

With their picket signs.

Maybe some mutual respect is what’s overdue

Maybe some time will heal these wounds alas

I’ve watched this guy

Pick his scabs

For decades and I worry

I’ll die covered in

Fresh picked scabs the same way.

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