My Ex Shat On Me Until She Had Enough Confidence To Talk To Men

People are very familiar with the trope

Of a young man practicing and building his romantic skills

On a woman he doesn’t respect or admire.

For the sake of confidence I guess

But that happened to me

With men

And with women.

And with friends!

People love to boost their confidence

With a fat punching bag

And then blame the fat punching bag

For hating itself.

It’s like, just a normal thing

Nobody cares—

Was it hot and fun and enjoyable

For my ex to disrespect me and blow all those guys

And cheat on me so much with so many drugs

Addling her ability to say “I fucked up and I’m sorry”?

I think it absolutely was.

I know I gave her the confidence

To bloom, and I know

She chose to poop

All over me

As some sort of representation

Of who she used to be— much like

Trans people do to their relationships from

Past genders.

Did my ex

Shit on me

Until she lost enough weight

To get a man?

Absolutely she did

And knowing what I know about myself

I bet it’s fucking common.

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