My First Suit/The Clothes Make The Man

I didn’t talk about this I almost feel

Ashamed about it I feel like

Anyone else in my shoes wouldn’t have waited until they were

30 to wear the clothes they always wanted but

In my old body

A suit felt like a lie

Like I was hiding

Post top surgery, things are different

I am now the image god intended

And that makes me

A highly suitable candidate

For suiting, and so forth.

I am passionate about so many things but I did not know about the things

I was passionate about

That were forced into hiding, by things

Outside my limited self perception and knowledge and understanding.

I did not know how much I loved to dress up

Until I finally got the right setup.

Suits are quite literally

My favorite getup.

And before having the sort of job where

Men all wear nice things to work and

Compliment each others shirts —

I was unaware of the glory of

Mens warehouse.

I have never been a more confident version of myself

Than the one that I am dressed in a sleek blue suit with an

On-sale Egyptian cotton shirt that makes me look like a fucking

Billionaire with a humble smile.

Brown belt brown shoes—

I am finally seeing a more fully realized version of myself

The person I would want to be as a kid is now

The man I see each day in the mirror and

I am motivated by a force it seems

Few understand—

The clothes make the man

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