My Girlfriend Has NOTHING On Her Computer

My girlfriend was like

“My computer is

Old and slow and

It don’t work no mo”

So I was like

Okay give it here let me give it a go—

First thing I do is

Empty the trash, which was mind you—

Overflowing, next thing I look into

Is how it hasn’t been updated

In over a decade

I run the scripts

We get things going and now I can see clearly —

My girlfriend somehow has

Absolutely nothing

On her computer.

Absolutely nothing.

It’s nowhere near at capacity …!

How is this possible?

No games, no porn,



I maxed out my hard drive within only

A year of creating MAI, upgraded

And since am adding a second terabyte—

This doesn’t even factor in all the games I have on my to-download list

I sincerely do not understand

How anyone could exist like this

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