My Healthy, Healthy Blood/Checkpoint

I think if you were to

Boil down my beef into a

Stock you’d find that

I just wish people would acknowledge

How much work

Someone can put in to their body

Themselves and their health and their life

And still not get the results

Deemed successful in the public eye.

My efforts show

In my blood work. I have had blood work done

Regularly since I started becoming

Super morbidly obese as a child I

Had cushings and

Unfortunately, cortisol testing

Is extremely difficult to pinpoint.

Blood work doesn’t do much good, I had to have

My urine collected, my saliva tested

Sure I had cortisol blood tests done but

They aren’t as useful, it’s about

Cortisol rhythm.

Something I don’t have

Great luck with. Anyway

My blood used to be

Flagged but now it’s

Never discussed because

It’s goddamn healthy as fuck.

My healthy, healthy blood.

Sugars on point

Cholesterol managed

CBC, red blood cell count, you name it—

In range. Not just in range —

Fucking great.

Nobody cares about

My healthy healthy blood as much as they care about

My waist.

I will do my best not to

Spit in your face

When I do my next cortisol test or my next

Pituitary check I have

So much disdain

For those who don’t understand

How healthy and how hard

A fat fuck can work

While still being extremely overweight.


Is progress —

Not a picture

Not a selfie

Not a moment but

A check point in the race.

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