My History Of Sex-Based Discrimination Is Not Gender Dysphoria

Wouldn’t it be nice

If you could just wrap up

All of the violence and hatred and bigotry

I’ve experienced as a female

As “gender dysphoria” and call it a day?

It would be wonderful. But I can’t—

It would be a lie. Also—

If I hadn’t transitioned

I’d still be living in that cloud of gaslighting

Trans people are so afraid of acknowledging

Their experiences as anything other than

Their own bullshit, because undeniably—

It gets better when you transition!

Maybe they forget, but I fucking can’t

There is a nonstop onslaught of violence against you

Verbal, physical and emotional, as a woman

Nothing I’ve experienced so far as a passing man is comparable

And yet for some reason

Whenever I point out obvious discrimination

I’m acting like a woman, again

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