My Horoscope Is Legit Af

So once I found out I was

Magic cusp I was like

My horoscope is legit af

I’m a special lil sumthin’


And— I keep reading it because

Everything it says happens.

Good and bad both

Last week it was like

“You’re gonna get a huge surge of anger over someone from your past that treated you poorly—

Do everything you can to keep your anger in control this week”

Okay so I journaled

And didn’t commit any crimes !

Thanks again, horoscope friend of mine.

Then it was like

“You’re about to make an insane amount of money”

And then that happened

And then it was like

“You’ll find love mid month”

And she’s texting me daily I dunno man

My horoscope is legit af

I’m not doubting fucking anything anymore

Possibilities surround us if you know

How to perceive the best path —

Even when you’re having the worst year of your life.

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