My Man/Editing

My man he has the most

Beautiful penis I’ve ever seen

Flawlessly crafted by a team of

Medical specialists. He’s had

Every kind of procedure done to make himself

A king and yet

He tells me he wants to get

The tip of his dick

Tattooed to look

A bit more realistic

I asked him

“When does the editing stop,

And the self love begin?”

He had no response.

Y’all. That’s all it is.

In art class you learn that

The hardest part of painting something

Is knowing when to stop painting.

If you keep editing

And keep changing

You can easily end up ruining what used to be

The best part of the painting.

Personally, I think that’s what the body positive movement

Has been trying to say.

When does the editing stop

And the self love begin?

You can choose to change your perspective

On yourself

So when is it time to stop editing and

Just exist, just appreciate, and

Try to love again?

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