My Parents Like The Thin One The Best

My parents like the thin one the best

They like my thin girlfriend

More than my ex who lost

80lbs, they like

My sister who didn’t have

Cushing’s syndrome as a kid

Even though her heart is about as

Callous and dead as my ex girlfriend’s giant left bunion

My parents like

Thin people, more than fat people

Just like everyone else does.

They can’t quite put their finger on it—

But she just looks so happy and cute and

Wonderful and they can’t quite explain it

But they love everything about the thin one

And don’t ever ask any questions

Besides the obvious sorts of

First impressions

The thing that bothers me

Is that people still think of fat

As an insult, and refuse to acknowledge

That their fear and hatred and trepidation

Is towards a characteristic of someone’s body, and not

Part of their personality.

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