My Sex, Gender, And Sensuality/Costume and Clothing

Men have a right not to

Take it up the ass the same way

Women have a right to expect the same.

Men have a right to hate

Giving oral the same way

Women have a right to hate giving oral.

Non-binary people can do

Whatever the fuck they want and if you

Dare try and say otherwise

They will sting you and scream

Like a swarm of bees

I dunno man I just

Don’t like it

When people top me even in a

Medium sort of way the more I become

Aligned with my sex, gender, and sensuality

The more I realize

How much I’ve been compromising.

It seems that my born genitalia makes me

Feel obligated to justify

Anything in order to get the job done but

The more him I become the more I realize

I can just not orgasm

And still have the best sex of my life

Just because

I was in control the whole time.

I dunno man I think I know

Exactly who I am and I think

Gender has nothing to do with it

Alas a

“Fuck machine”

Has no pronouns, no socialization

No drivers license, no health insurance

Doesn’t explain the rest of me

Quite as much as the normal mask,

Costume and clothing.

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