My Therapist Ghosted Me

My therapist ghosted me

Is this normal?

I like

Feel bad almost

Maybe I was

Terrible at interrupting–

Honestly like

My friends

Fucking hate me

For that

Also like

That’s why I don’t

Do a lot of interviews–

That and the whole

One-microphone situation.

But seriously like

My therapist ghosted me?

I was enjoying

Our time together and

She was dope and

She emailed me saying

She was closing her practice

And that if I wanted another session

I should email her

And schedule it soon

So I did!

And I never heard back…

So I emailed her


And still nothing

So it’s like

I think this is what

Ghosting is

I’ve only ever

Dated people who committed so

I don’t know what it’s like

To be ghosted romantically

But I think

A therapist ghosting

Is a different kind of pain?

Who do I see

About this?

Fuck maybe she

Stopped cuz I

Couldn’t pay…

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