Name Change/Invitation For Danger

It took me a long time to get used to my new name.

It was technically the one I was given initially so

It’s new to me but technically OG

I don’t hear enough people admit this it’s

Such a bizarre thing

To change your name.

It was psychologically beneficial long term but

Took some adjusting, much like

All of the gender therapies I’ve participated in.

However changing my name continues to be

The most impactful part of transitioning.

It is the thing you go about your life as

And since my legal change I’ve had to

Explain it, it out me constantly in the most random places —

Anywhere a background check is needed

The car dealership, job applications —

Ordering a drink in Tennessee on vacation.

An invitation for danger

In a way I never expected.

In my current state it’s too difficult to change the gender marker

On your Id without a lot of extra documents I don’t have so

I’m waiting to either move

Or something, I’ll figure it out later.

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