ND Stevenson and Elliot Page/Trans Representation Two Ways

I have mad respect for how ND Stevenson is handling their transition, considering

The massive amounts of fans they have.


It’s not my place to say

But it kinda also is…?

I think Elliot Page is doing this

All fucking wrong.

The abs, the pecs, the masculinization

Without eating or moving–

The selfies, the thirst traps, the


I get it– he’s a movie star

The motherfucker is literally

Selling his image, selling his body–

But that image is also heavily saturated

With this idea that he is somehow

A leader for all queer kids– he was an out and proud lesbian

Making content for queers then–

He’s just a face, making bold generalizations on a regular basis

From surface level social media accounts, and giving us

Nothing much of substance besides–

His image.

ND Stevenson is basically doing the opposite–

Perhaps this is because they are still living it, still getting a feel

For what their name is– but still

I have a lot of respect

For someone who says–I’m fine I’m fine-/- I’m stuggling with this–

Instead of

“Check out my instagram-

Oh good My new phone works”

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