Needs Banjo/Gloryhole draft

Careful when she tells you you’re her favorite person

That’s how I knew I was her toy

Once the other boys showed their toys to her

I became her second favorite doll

Careful when she calls you her greatest lover

That’s how I knew I was her second favorite lay

Ain’t no other lover can compare, nads aside

Next to her own fingers I would say

Cautious if she says you are no bother

That’s when I knew she couldn’t stand me up nor down

Like she was the only bitch in town

First she disrespects your words

Then she disrespects your things

Finally she pleases other men for fuck’s sake

But most of all, beautiful people

Tread cautiously if she dare declare herself

Merely curious and merely interested in the idea of a gloryhole

For its efficiency, performance, and variety.

That’s how you know you’re a Schmuck.

I’m a Schmuck! Holy fuck

I can’t believe I keep on living

Everything I try keeps slipping I am nothing at all

I’m a Schmuck ! Please help me open my eyes

I can’t see or hear anything but lies I am

Universally despised

Fuck my life

I’m a Schmuck


I am the one who feeds me

She can’t be what I need

I can’t be raising children

When I am a scared child

It’s time to let this be

It’s time to live my life

I am the love I need

I breathe and I never leave me

Cuz I’m a Schmuck !

Holy fuck

I’m a Schmuck I’m a Schmuck I’m a Schmuck

Hmmmmmmm edit considering switching Schmuck to either cunt or fuck


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