New Age Expectations

Call me

Some crazy hippie

But I want to start a commune


Trans people are ordinary

Bigots are extraordinary

People are open

Stores are closed

College is free

Abortions are too

Animals are treated humanely

And people are too

Food is grown

Nobody ages

Nobody dies

Nobody lives

Wait I already give up

Kill the commune

End it.

Becky slayer gone and had enough

Bitches and dicks be yappin’ an shit

Fucking no more

I’m done

Wake me up

When you


Call me a millennial

But I’m in this shit for myself

I’ve got my designated apocalypse family

And that’s enough for me

I hand picked them

They are fucking excellent

We will survive

Y’all won’t


Suck it.

Srsly tho

Start a commune?!?!?!?

Commune with the devil

Before you try

And try me

I. Will. Cut. You.


This message brought to you by the demon in my soul that knows you’re waiting to kill me the moment I become vulnerable and open up to other people. He knows he knows he knows

Demons are so fucking old and smart, yo

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